Water grass ecological method aeration equipment



Water grass ecological method aeration equipment comprises an oxygen generating chamber, a water-oxygen mixing device and LED lamp bars; a fixed tray is arranged in the oxygen generating chamber, a flow passing gap is formed between the bottom face of the fixed tray and the bottom face of the oxygen generating chamber, C3 aquatic plants are fixed to the fixed tray, the multiple LED lamp bars are evenly fixed in the oxygen generating chamber and are opposite to the C3 aquatic plants, and a raw material inlet and a dissolved oxygen water outlet are formed in the side walls of the two wide sides of the oxygen generating chamber; a water inputting pipeline is arranged on a mixer in the water-oxygen mixing device, the outlet end of the water inputting pipeline is connected with the raw material inlet, and a gas outlet of a CO2 storage tank in the water-oxygen mixing device is communicated with the water inputting pipeline. The water grass ecological method aeration equipment is convenient to use and low in energy consumption, oxygen released by the C3 aquatic plants under photosynthesis in a certain temperature environment is dissolved into water to obtain water with high dissolved oxygen content to facilitate aeration of a rearing pond or a fish pond, the dissolved oxygen in the middle and lower layers of the rearing pond or the fish pond is increased, which is beneficial for fast growth of fishes and shrimps, oxygenolysis of organic matter is promoted, and diseases are reduced.




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