Multiple-piece tail wing structure



The invention discloses a multiple-piece tail wing structure which comprises two tail wing devices, airflow channels and a hydraulic pipeline. The tail wing devices are arranged at the tail ends of the airflow channels respectively. Each tail wing device comprises a main wing, an auxiliary wing and a driving mechanism. The main wing is arranged under the auxiliary wing; the middle portion of the main wing is provided with a plurality of auxiliary wing positioning plates extending upwards; the upper ends of the auxiliary wing positioning plates are hinged with the tail end of the auxiliary wing; the front end of the auxiliary wing is close to the tail end of the main wing; the middle portion of the main wing is provided with a rotation plate which is vertically arranged and can rotate with respect to the main wing; and the other end of the rotation plate is hinged with the middle portion of the auxiliary wing. The driving mechanism comprises a main wing cylinder, an auxiliary wing cylinder, a rotation assisting cylinder and a base. The hydraulic pipeline comprises a hydraulic pump, a main wing pipeline, an auxiliary wing pipeline and a rotation assisting pipeline. The invention is to provide the multiple-piece tail wing structure which is capable of adjusting air resistance and downward pressure applied to the left and right two sides of the tail portion of an automobile so as to improve automobile adhesion performance and reduce tyre load.




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