Outer tank reinforcing ring device of tank type container and processing method thereof



The invention discloses an outer tank reinforcing ring device of a tank type container. The outer tank reinforcing ring device comprises an upper reinforcing ring and a lower reinforcing ring, wherein the upper reinforcing ring and the lower reinforcing ring are of approximate half circle structures rolled by sectional materials, the end part of each approximate half circle structure is in an integral gradual transition shape, in addition, the inner sides of circular arcs at two ends are provided with clamp grooves, and two flat plate connecting assemblies are arranged at connecting parts of two ends of the upper reinforcing ring and the lower reinforcing ring and are respectively fixed at the clamp groove parts of the upper reinforcing ring and the lower reinforcing ring. According to a concrete processing method, plate shearing blanking, two end stamping edge cutting, bending and roller forming are carried out. The outer tank reinforcing ring device and the processing method have the advantages that the problem of limit exceeding after welding of the whole circle of reinforcing ring structure domain tank body is well solved, the rigidity requirement of the tank body is met, the processing and the manufacturing are convenient, and in addition, the utilization rate of materials can be greatly improved.




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