Slope-shaped pedal for getting on or getting off train



The invention discloses a slope-shaped pedal for getting on or getting off a train, and belongs to the technical field of train auxiliary equipment. The slope-shaped pedal for getting on or getting off the train is characterized in that the bottom of a compartment corresponding to a train door of the train is provided with a slide guide plate, an electric push rod is arranged in a position, in a direction opposite to the chute, under the slide guide plate, the front end of the electric push rod is provided with a guide sleeve, and a connecting plate and pedal plates glidingly matched with the slide guide plate are arranged above the slide guide plate, wherein a position limiting hole corresponding to a position limiting block of the slide guide plate and a guide block corresponding to a guide sleeve of the electric push rod are respectively arranged in positions, opposite to the chute of the slide guide plate, of the bottom of the connecting plate, and rotating mechanisms are respectively used for connection between the connecting plate and the pedal plates and between the adjacent pedal plates. The slope-shaped pedal has the advantages that convenience is provided for passengers to get on or get off the train on a low station platform, the occurrence of safety accidents is avoided, meanwhile, the train getting-on and getting-off efficiency of the passengers is improved, and the staying time of the train is reduced to a certain degree.




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