Flame-retardant light-transmittance sheet resin and preparation method thereof



The invention relates to flame-retardant light-transmittance sheet resin. The flame-retardant light-transmittance sheet resin comprises raw materials in parts by mass as follows: 40-50 parts of HET acid, 12-19 parts of propylene glycol, 9-13 parts of ethylene glycol, 10-15 parts of maleic anhydride, 15-20 parts of phthalic anhydride, 40-70 parts of styrene and 0.01-0.03 parts of hydroquinone. During preparation, HET acid, propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, hydroquinone and phthalic anhydride are added to a reaction kettle, a mixture is heated to 200 DEG C, reacts and is dehydrated until an acid value reaches 45 mgKOH/g, and nitrogen is introduced for protection in the reaction process; introduction of nitrogen is stopped, and vacuumization is performed for further dehydration until the acid value reaches 30 mgKOH/g; the mixture is cooled to 160 DEG C, and polyester after reaction is sucked into a dilution kettle containing styrene for dilution; the dilution temperature does not exceed 80 DEG C. The flame-retardant light-transmittance sheet resin has good flame retardance and high light transmittance and has a refraction rate approaching to that of glass fiber, and the technological performance is good.




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