Method for preventing exposure and desiccation of Babylonia aerolata seedlings



The invention discloses a method for preventing exposure and desiccation of Babylonia aerolata seedlings. The phenomenon of death of a large number of Babylonia aerolata seedlings caused by exposure and desiccation can be easily caused in a seedling production period, the death often happens in a stage during which the seedlings are transferred to bottom dwelling in the later period of seedling cultivation and the body length reaches about 3mm, and the death phenomenon brings great harm to the production of Babylonia aerolata seedlings. The method disclosed by the invention mainly comprises the following steps: 1, preparing a seedling cultivation pond; 2, laying an exposure and desiccation prevention isolation zone for the seedlings; 3, putting the seedlings into the pond; 4, carrying out cultivation management. Due to the adoption of the means, the problem of exposure and desiccation of the seedlings of Babylonia aerolata during an artificial seedling cultivation period is effectively solved; the method disclosed by the invention has inventiveness and advancement and also has very high practical value. The method disclosed by the invention is high in targeting property, is applied after multiple practices, dispenses with occupying extra resources, and is low in use cost, simple to operate and good in using effect.




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