Current limiting type UPFC system design method



The invention discloses a current limiting type UPFC system design method. The two sides of a current limiting type UPFC system are connected to the same alternating-current bus power source, the parallel connection side is connected with a power system through a parallel transformer Tsh, the series connection side of the current limiting type UPFC system and a current limiter are connected together through the secondary side of a series transformer Tse, and connected to the power system through the primary side of the series transformer Tse, the series connection side and the parallel connection side of the UPFC system are connected through a direct-current capacitor C, and an outlet of a series connection side filter inductor of the UPFC system is connected with a capacitor overvoltage protection circuit in parallel. The current limiter comprises a half-controlled rectifier bridge composed of six thyristors, and a follow current bridge composed of two thyristors, wherein the follow current bridge is connected with a current-limiting inductor in parallel; the parallel connection side of the UPFC system is connected with the parallel transformer Tsh through a parallel connection side filter inductor.




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