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JP-S59226770-A: Pressure equalization device for rotary valve patent, JP-S5922708-A: Manufacture of alc corner panel patent, JP-S59227147-A: Mounting structure of large-scale integrated circuit patent, JP-S5922824-A: Plate pieces releasing apparatus patent, JP-S59228723-A: Device for manufacturing semiconductor patent, JP-S59229256-A: Production of casting for molding die patent, JP-S59229656-A: Debugging device of program patent, JP-S59230222-A: Method of detecting contact wear patent, JP-S59231684-A: Coordinate reader patent, JP-S59231753-A: Dew condensation deletion mechanism of vtr patent, JP-S59231971-A: Original reader patent, JP-S59232994-A: Device for vapor phase crystal growth patent, JP-S5924913-A: Circuit device detecting cutting of work by saw patent, JP-S592505-A: Connecting circuit of drive motor in electric motor vehicle patent, JP-S5925345-A: Preparation of tertiary ether patent, JP-S5925433-A: Casing for radio wave machine patent, JP-S5926527-A: False twisting nozzle for bind spinning patent, JP-S5927952-A: Epoxy resin-modified silicone resin composition patent, JP-S593028-A: Manufacture of base material for optical fiber patent, JP-S593048-A: Method for coating optical fiber patent, JP-S5930704-A: Method for thermally cracking heavy oil patent, JP-S5930913-A: Silklike polyester type filamentary yarn patent, JP-S5931048-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-S5933772-A: Electric connector patent, JP-S5934396-A: Joint combining movable supply tower of offshore facility with foundation patent, JP-S5934417-A: 2-cycle engine patent, JP-S5934559-A: Developing device patent, JP-S5934699-A: Inserting and drawing mechanism for chassis of aviation electronics patent, JP-S5934999-A: Indicator for direction of travelling of boarding bridge patent, JP-S5935468-A: Manufacture of solid-state image pick up element patent, JP-S5935599-A: Drive circuit for pulse motor patent, JP-S5935647-A: Permanent magnet alloy patent, JP-S5935690-A: Low hydrogen overvoltage cathode patent, JP-S5936735-A: Production of spun-like yarn patent, JP-S593763-A: Magnetic disk device patent, JP-S5938506-A: Automatic speed increaser for turbine driving feed pump patent, JP-S593924-A: Positioning of wafer and substrate having pattern to be transferred patent, JP-S5939824-A: Water-soluble azulene pharmaceutical patent, JP-S5940238-A: Crystal oscillation type moisture analyzing system patent, JP-S5941991-A: Synchronous generator patent, JP-S5942182-A: Method for removing weld slag patent, JP-S5943381-A: Method of molding sunshade hood for meter panel patent, JP-S594462-A: Centrifugal separator patent, JP-S5946967-A: Sac type blood pump patent, JP-S5947475-A: Stable composition for treating fiber substrate patent, JP-S5947698-A: 2-wire current transmitter patent, JP-S5949214-A: Stabilizer chemical bondage to polymer patent, JP-S5949238-A: Polymer dispersion freeze coagulation patent, JP-S59500665-A: patent, JP-S59501777-A: patent, JP-S59501904-A: patent, JP-S5950702-A: Ac/dc conversion station patent, JP-S5950848-A: Hydraulic brake system patent, JP-S5950959-A: Attaching and detaching device of casting implement patent, JP-S5951084-A: Method of detecting level patent, JP-S5951208-A: Fungicidal composition for agriculture and horticulture patent, JP-S5952362-A: Pattern distance converter patent, JP-S5952692-A: Heat sensitive recording material patent, JP-S5954561-A: Method and apparatus for continuous letterpress printing patent, JP-S5954818-A: Cylindrical sliding bearing device patent, JP-S5955844-A: Manufacture of ether from high hindrance phenols or salts ofsame and carbonic acid ester patent, JP-S5957034-A: Reclining of seat for vehicle patent, JP-S5957329-A: Character processor patent, JP-S5957470-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-S5958083-A: Preparation of coke patent, JP-S5958414-A: Semiconductor laser optical system patent, JP-S5958419-A: Polarizer patent, JP-S595860-A: Control device for engine speed patent, JP-S595977-A: Ppi sweep signal generating system patent, JP-S5960180-A: Condensor patent, JP-S5961417-A: Connection box for buried cable patent, JP-S5962731-A: Leading/trailing type drum brake patent, JP-S5963479-A: Controller for hot air of burner in cereal drier patent, JP-S5964007-A: Casmetic unit patent, JP-S5964536-A: Deep curving of plate glass patent, JP-S5964779-A: Multi-chamber dry etching apparatus patent, JP-S5965341-A: Document producing machine patent, JP-S5965530-A: Controller for variable cylinder number engine patent, JP-S596751-A: Corrosion preventing method for rotor of watertight underwater motor patent, JP-S5967570-A: Electronic learning apparatus patent, JP-S5968020-A: Autopilot for flying object patent, JP-S5970538-A: Dome type tire vulcanizer patent, JP-S5971114-A: Manufacture of double azimuth thin film magnetic head patent, JP-S5971376-A: Adhesive for bonding metallic foil of printed wiring board patent, JP-S5971624-A: Irrigation automatic stopping apparatus for rice field patent, JP-S597308-A: Optical fiber coated with plastic patent, JP-S5973231-A: Electrifying machining control method patent, JP-S5973843-A: Production method of organic electrolyte cell patent, JP-S5974264-A: Wear resistant steel for hydraulic equipment patent, JP-S5975302-A: Method and device for controlling monitoring of plant patent, JP-S5975779-A: Recording and reproducing system for video format signal patent, JP-S5976486-A: Manufacture of light emitting diode patent, JP-S5976720-A: Electrospark machining device patent, JP-S5977435-A: Silver halide photosensitive material patent, JP-S5978158-A: 3,3-dichloro-4-phenylpyrroline derivative and its preparation patent, JP-S5978665-A: Preparation of calcium 5'-inosinate and calcium 5'-guanylate patent, JP-S5980750-A: Wear-resistant cast iron having excellent mechanical property patent, JP-S5980879-A: Handle apparatus patent, JP-S5980934-A: Manufacture for semiconductor device patent, JP-S5982693-A: Magnetic bubble element patent, patent, patent, 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